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Blacks Over 40 is By Us, About Us and For Us, founded and run by Us.

Our History
Blacks Over 40 was founded in December 1999, as an online club in the Yahoo domain, to provide a dignified and respectful place on the internet where Black men and women over the age of 40 could meet, connect, and network through common interests. 

Because the online group wanted to further connect with other Black men and women on a broader level  Blacks Over 40 was incorporated as a non-profit organization.

Our Mission
To provide a venue where Black men and women over 40 can, through social interaction, are able to share the expertise and information they bring from their diverse fields and backgrounds. The focus is on health and social issues, financial matters, education, employment and all that is relevant to achieving and maintaining a high quality of life in our community and the African American community at large.

Our Activities
Throughout the year, BOF hosts an annual cruise and 'Meet and Greets' in different US cities.   Members and their friends have the opportunity to meet and network on a face-to-face basis with others.   Our activities are open to everyone in the over 40 Black community. 

Our Goals
Going forward, Blacks Over 40 will be enhancing the above purpose through an interactive website, an e-zine, newsletter and the formation of local BOF chapters.

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